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The official TOEFL® page on Facebook® for students around the world
For students living in India
For students and professionals living in the U.S.
TOEFL on Sina Weibo
Helping students in China prepare for the TOEFL® test and studying abroad
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Follow TOEFL® on WeChat (in Chinese) for a creative way to keep in touch and prepare for test day
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Follow TOEFL® on Zhihu (in Chinese) to get the latest useful test preparation information
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Follow @TOEFL_Official for study abroad inspiration
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Join the official TOEFL® page on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information
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See more tips and destination highlights, including insider videos from TOEFL® experts
TOEFL on Naver Blog
The official TOEFL® blog on Naver for students in Korea

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