Quick Tips: Factual and Negative Factual Information Questions
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Quick Tips: Factual and Negative Factual Information Questions

Mar 16, 2015

Hello again, test takers! It’s Michael from ETS and today I’ll go into greater detail about the TOEFL® Reading section. Last time I revealed the TOEFL® Reading Question Types, so now I thought it would be helpful to share some tips for how to best answer certain reading questions. Let’s start with factual and negative factual information questions.

Factual information questions

Tip 1: You may need to refer back to the passage in order to know what exactly is said about the subject of the question. Since the question may be about detail, you may not recall the information from your first reading of the passage.

Tip 2: Eliminate choices that present information that is contradicted in the passage.

Tip 3: Do not select an answer just because it is mentioned in the passage. Your choice should answer the specific question that was asked.

Negative factual information questions

Tip 1: Usually a negative factual information question requires you to check more of the passage than a factual information question. The three choices that are mentioned in the passage may be spread across a paragraph or several paragraphs.

Tip 2: In these types of questions, the correct answer either directly contradicts one or more statements in the passage or is not mentioned in the passage at all.

Don’t forget to check back soon for more tips on how to best answer other TOEFL reading questions.

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