Five Things to Do Before You Leave to Study Abroad
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Five Things to Do Before You Leave to Study Abroad

Sep 28, 2015

You’ve bought your plane tickets and your bags are ready to pack. The excitement is building: Your adventure abroad will be starting soon! But before you leave on this journey of a lifetime, be sure to check off these important items from your to-do list:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor about the courses you will be taking abroad, and what courses you will need to take when returning. Make sure you establish that the courses you take abroad count for credit at your home college or university.
  2. Download a video-chat service like Skype and get a web cam. It’s probably the easiest and least expensive way to communicate with people from home. You could also look into purchasing an overseas calling card.
  3. Make sure that you have transportation planned from the airport to your overseas university.
  4. Make photocopies of your passport information. Carry one in your bags (separate from your passport) and leave another copy at home.
  5. Plan for what to do in case of an emergency. Find out how to contact the police, the fire department and any other emergency services available in your host country. Share this information with your family as well.

No matter where you’re planning to study abroad, you’ll probably need a student visa to get there. Here is information to help you apply for a visa