3 Reasons Why Learning English is Worth Your Time
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3 Reasons Why Learning English is Worth Your Time

Oct 31, 2017

Did you know English is the official language of 60 countries? In a world where English is so common, learning to speak, read, write, and understand English can be a valuable investment in your future. Here are 3 ways learning English can help you get ahead!

  1. It Can Open Up a World of Opportunities
    More than a billion people worldwide speak English and another billion are busy learning it! Learning English can help you communicate effectively with more than half of the globe! Knowing one of the most common languages in the world can open the door to opportunities from studying abroad to advancing your career.
  2. It Can Lead to the Chance to Attend Accredited Universities
    Some of the top universities in the world are English-speaking institutions. Attending one of these schools not only looks impressive on your resume, but also can provide you with one of the most highly accredited educations possible. You also can deepen your knowledge of grammar and learn new vocabulary by studying the original works of world famous English-speaking authors. 
  3. It Can Lead to More Job Options
    Whether you are looking to go abroad or staying in your home country to study, knowing English can make you more valuable to employers. Many companies conduct day-to-day business in English and work with overseas partners whose common language is English. Fluency in another language also reflects positively on your work ethic and demonstrates commitment, discipline, and a desire to learn. These are all very respected traits employers may look for in an applicant.

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