Hilda’s TOEFL® Success Story
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Hilda’s TOEFL® Success Story

May 29, 2018

Are you looking for diverse experiences or a broad professional network? Studying abroad can meet and even exceed your expectations. Watch the video below to learn about the benefits of studying abroad.


Although life abroad is unique for each student, Hilda’s experience at the Australian National University led to finding her dream career in actuarial studies. Read the reasons why Hilda, now a graduate, benefited from an international education.

Experience New Cultures
Moving from China to Australia, Hilda knew that she would come across significant differences in lifestyle. Life at her new school was much slower than in the bustling cities of China, but she enjoyed a balanced schedule of work and leisure.

Understand New Learning Styles
In the beginning, Hilda’s new classes were challenging. She had to become accustomed to courses taught exclusively in English. Hilda spent time adapting to new learning styles and soon found success.

Make Lifelong Friends
Hilda worried it would be difficult to make friends abroad, but soon discovered that was not true. Hilda’s new friends helped her feel at home in a foreign country. Although they might never live in the same city again, they will never lose their connection.

Gain an Advantage in the Global Workplace
After graduating, Hilda’s experience abroad gave her an advantage when applying for jobs. In fact, overseas experience can be considered a common requirement for her industry, international accounting. Plus, Hilda’s knowledge of English helps her effectively communicate with foreign clients.

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