Four Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before Test Day
Monthly insights specific to TOEFL® test day.

Four Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before Test Day

Sep 12, 2017

Have you begun counting down to test day? If so, you are almost ready to get going on your next adventure! As your test day approaches, it is common to feel both nervous and excited. To help calm any nerves you might have, try these four suggestions as you prepare to take the TOEFL® test. 

1. Understand the test format:
Taking practice tests, reading the TOEFL® blog, and using official study materials are all great resources for understanding how the test is formatted, so you know what to expect from each section.

2. Know what it takes to get into your desired program:
If you have an international study program in mind, know what the minimum scores for acceptance are for that institution. Research the program requirements or talk with a counselor, in order to gain a better understanding of what is expected of you.

3. Join a study group:
Practicing with like-minded students is a good way to stay motivated. Get a group together, whether it’s online or in person, to practice speaking or practice more challenging material together. Use each other’s knowledge to help one another do your best.

4. Practice one-on-one with a buddy:
Study with a friend. Set up a time and place to get together every week. Hold each other accountable to come to the study sessions prepared and set study goals with one another.

For more strategies to help prepare for the test, read our blog post here for five simple tips.