Five Fun Ways to Practice Your English
A monthly grammatical guide to help you build your English skills.

Five Fun Ways to Practice Your English

Sep 19, 2017

Traditional study methods, like flash cards and practice tests, are great ways to prepare for the TOEFL® test, but sometimes you may find yourself wanting to mix up your study routine. Adding a bit of fun to your study sessions can help you stay motivated and excited about what you are learning. Try some of the five suggestions below!

  1. Listen: Download an interesting podcast or listen to the radio in English.
  2. Watch: Watch television shows and movies in English. Watch with subtitles until you feel comfortable with the pace and dialect of the characters. 
  3. Read: Pick up books, magazines or newspapers written in English. Keep a list of new vocabulary words that you learn as you read. 
  4. Practice: Speak with a friend who also is learning English. Talk about your favorite sports, food, movies, and current events. 
  5. Connect: Other TOEFL® test takers are always looking to chat through social media and messenger apps. You can find other students through the TOEFL® Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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