Advice from a TOEFL® Test Taker: Silpa Das
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Advice from a TOEFL® Test Taker: Silpa Das

Nov 14, 2017

There is a phrase in English that confidence is key. This means that when you face challenges, having confidence in yourself can help you overcome those obstacles. We sat down and talked with former TOEFL® test taker Silpa Das, who found self-confidence to be an important part of her journey to study abroad. 

Silpa is a TOEFL® test taker from India who dreamed of studying abroad, broadening her education and studying in English. Her journey began as a young student attending a vernacular school where she studied in her first language, Bengali, until she was 16 years old. As an excellent student with good grades, Silpa went on to attend law school in India. Unlike her primary school experience, law school was taught in English, a language Silpa had never studied. Law school posed a different set of challenges for Silpa because she had to concentrate on learning both Law and a new language. Silpa’s secret to overcoming the language barrier and excelling in her classes was confidence. Before presentations and tests, she would practice in front of her friends, in front of her mirror, and do as much extra preparation as possible until she felt ready to succeed.

Years later, with the support of her husband, she left her job as a successful litigation lawyer in the high courts and took the TOEFL® test. Before test day, Silpa took 4 mock exams and used her study strategy from law school, practicing until she was confident, and her hard work paid off. Silpa scored higher on the TOEFL® test than she did on the practice tests. Her success not only helped her get into different law programs across the United States, but also helped her receive a full academic scholarship to the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, where she now studies intellectual property law. 

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