6 Tips for the Integrated Speaking Tasks
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6 Tips for the Integrated Speaking Tasks

Nov 10, 2015

The Integrated Speaking tasks require you to use several different English-language skills: listening, reading and speaking. For some questions, you’ll be asked to read a passage and then listen to a brief discussion or lecture excerpt, before replying to the question. Other questions will ask you to respond to a conversation. Here are five insider tips to help you prepare for the Integrated Speaking tasks:

  1. Listen for attitude: Try to recognize the attitude of the speaker by listening for intonation, stress and word choice. This will help when you are asked to express the opinion of one of the speakers for your response.
  2. Read articles: To help prepare for questions that involve reading, read a short article and make a brief outline that includes the major points of the article. Then use the outline to develop a spoken response that summarizes the information.
  3. Have a conversation: Practice your conversational speaking skills as often as possible. Try to talk with native speakers as much as you can, or join a club that discusses topics in English. 
  4. Practice with textbooks: To practice questions based on academic content, find a textbook that includes questions about the material at the end of each chapter. Then, practice answering the questions orally.
  5. Take notes: Remember that taking notes on the reading and listening material in the Integrated Speaking tasks is allowed. Practicing note taking will help you on the test, and will also be a valuable skill when you study abroad!
  6. Access the Insider's Guide: Join the TOEFL MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) to prepare for the speaking tasks and much more with the help of test experts. The highly interactive 6-week course uses videos, sample questions with explanations, short quizzes and collaborative discussion boards. You will also have access to real test materials from past tests. During the weeks covering Speaking and Writing, all course participants can receive scores for their practice test responses. Enroll now.

Keep practicing those speaking responses. And remember to check back for more exclusive tips from Inside the TOEFL® test!

– Michael from ETS

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