5 Tips for Tackling the Listening Section
A monthly peek at test content from Michael, a TOEFL® test expert.

5 Tips for Tackling the Listening Section

Apr 10, 2015

Hello again, test takers! It’s Michael from ETS, bringing you another look inside the TOEFL® test. This month we’re going to take a deeper dive into the Listening section, going beyond the types of questions with specific preparation techniques. Here are five tips to help you be ready for the Listening section:

  1. Take notes while you listen. Only the major points will be tested, so do not try to write down every detail. After testing, notes are collected and shredded before you leave the test center.
  2. Pay attention to the speaker’s tone of voice. For instance, whether the speaker sounds excited, sad or confused can help you answer questions that are about the speaker’s attitude or opinion.
  3. When listening to a lecture, make note of the way the lecture is organized and the way the ideas in the lecture are connected. Referring back to your notes will help you answer questions about overall organization.
  4. If you are unsure of the correct response, try to figure out which choice is most consistent with the main idea of the conversation or lecture.
  5. Listening questions must be answered in order. Once you click on OK, you cannot go back to a previous question.

Don’t forget to continue to build your English skills by listening to movies, TV and the radio in English. Doing this regularly will have a great impact.

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