5 Strategies to Help Avoid Test Anxiety
Monthly insights specific to TOEFL® test day.

5 Strategies to Help Avoid Test Anxiety

Nov 14, 2014

Thankfully, test anxiety doesn’t affect everyone, but it can also be unpredictable. Most often, test anxiety stems from a lack of preparation, but other mental and physical choices can induce nerves too. To help you avoid test day anxiety, here are some helpful strategies.

  • Learn all about the test – take advantage of any prep materials
  • Make an organized study schedule and stick to it
  • Think and act positively — don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of your goals
  • Don’t ignore your health — eat well, get ample sleep, exercise, and find a social outlet for stress-free interaction outside of studying

Whether you’ve experienced test anxiety in the past or not, it’s helpful to be prepared for the unexpected so that nothing gets in the way of you and success on test day.

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