Study in Style at the Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World
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Study in Style at the Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World

Jul 29, 2015

Take a quick trip with us around the world to some of the most spectacular public libraries ever imagined. Libraries so beautiful, and so inspiring, that you won’t want to stop studying!

  1. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
    Not only is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina an architectural masterpiece, it’s a stunning meeting place where the arts, history, philosophy and science come together.

    • The library contains the largest reading space in the world and includes four museums, four art galleries and a planetarium.
    • Granite walls throughout the complex are etched with scripts and letters from almost all of the languages of the world to pay tribute to its multicultural heritage.


  2. Seattle Central Library, Seattle, Washington
    With its distinctive geometric design and glass and metal exterior, Seattle Central Library is an acclaimed architectural landmark of the northwestern United States.

    • Offers more than 400 free public computers and houses over one million books, CDs and DVDs.
    • The contemporary, transparent building design maximizes natural light and offers incredible views of the surrounding city.


  3. The Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro
    Constructed in the late nineteenth century, this beautiful library has the distinction of holding the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal.

    • The library houses more than 350,000 volumes, including many rare books that are centuries old.
    • Known for its gorgeous architectural design evoking the Gothic-Renaissance style, its white façade was carved out of limestone in Lisbon and transported to Rio de Janeiro.


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