Seven Secrets to Save on Airfare
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Seven Secrets to Save on Airfare

Aug 5, 2015

Air travel is one of the major expenses you have to plan for when studying overseas. To help make your journey abroad as affordable as possible, here are seven secrets to saving money on airfare:

  1. Check prices the next day: The morning after you book your flight, check to see if the price of your airfare fell. If it did, call the airline to see if you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate.
  2. Fly early in the morning, or late at night: Early and late flights are less popular and thus typically far less expensive than flights during normal business hours.
  3. Consider a layover: Nonstop flights are more convenient, but also more expensive. A layover will cost you some extra time but could save you money.
  4. Buy tickets six weeks in advance: According to a recent study by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the lowest average fare for a trip is usually purchased about six weeks prior to travel.
  5. Search the Internet: You can find great deals at a wide selection of online ticket sellers such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, AirfareWatchdog, and Yapta. 
  6. Check social media: Airlines have recently been experimenting with offering special deals via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some deals only last hours, so you might have to act fast.
  7. Search for deals in the morning: Though a few airlines release discounted tickets throughout the day, early morning is the time you’ll usually see the most deals.

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