A TOEFL® Scholarship Winner’s Inspiring Dream to Save Lives
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A TOEFL® Scholarship Winner’s Inspiring Dream to Save Lives

May 31, 2016

It may be no surprise that Shreya Ramachandran from Bangalore loves the field of engineering. She was born into a family of engineers, after all! While Shreya was inspired by these important people in her life, she has chosen a specific area to study based on her own personal interest:bioengineering. Her TOEFL® scholarship will help her take the first step toward her goals.

Shreya chose the California Institute of Technology as the place to start her journey as an undergraduate student. She felt that U.S. schools offered the flexibility, research opportunities, and combination of academic and extracurricular activities that she wanted.

In the past, Shreya has seen people in her home country of India struggle with inadequate medical care. She sees improving medical technology as the key to making a difference for these people and she wants to be part of this change! Shreya hopes to focus her future on researching and creating medical technology that is available to more people globally. 

Ultimately, Shreya says she wants to “use my engineering knowledge to save lives in my community and around the world!” This inspiring dream must make her family very proud.

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