Kim Min-woo’s Trusted Test-Taking Tips
Monthly accounts of other TOEFL® test takers' journeys to success.

Kim Min-woo’s Trusted Test-Taking Tips

Oct 6, 2014

TOEFL® Scholarship winner Kim Min-woo, of Korea, credits his success to finding interesting ways to develop his English language skills. Here are some tips from his successful experience taking the TOEFL® test.

Reading: Don’t rush: read the passage for basic comprehension, then scan through the questions. Before answering, take the time to go back and carefully re-read the passage to be sure you fully understand its intention.

Listening: Take notes: learn to listen carefully while jotting down as much information as you can at the same time. Even though some information in the dialogue may seem trivial, it’s best to write it down just in case it’s used as context in a question on the test.

General Practice:

  • Read fun books (i.e., not just required reading)
  • Watch American TV dramas
  • Converse in English with your peers as much as possible

Kim Min-woo knew that the TOEFL® test was necessary for admission to university and to study abroad, but what he didn’t know was how valuable his English skills would be post-graduation. He credits his English proficiency for making him highly marketable in the job market after school.

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