An Interview with TOEFL® Scholarship Winner Darshan Shah
Monthly accounts of other TOEFL® test takers' journeys to success.

An Interview with TOEFL® Scholarship Winner Darshan Shah

Sep 15, 2015

A photography and football enthusiast, TOEFL® scholarship winner Darshan Shah scored a 116 out of a possible 120 on the TOEFL® test. Here he talks about his path to success and offers advice for current students who are preparing for the exam. 

Why did you decide to study abroad?
“The cultural exposure you get while studying abroad is a different experience in itself. Apart from better academic opportunities outside India, the social and cultural experience you get is equally useful.”

What helped you succeed in winning the TOEFL® scholarship?
“As far as the interview is concerned, you just have to be prepared to talk about yourself. That’s not a problem. The real challenge is to make your application letter stand out from the other applicants.”

What advice would you offer students who are preparing for the TOEFL® test?
“TOEFL® is a very intuitive exam that tests your communication skills. Focus on your grammar and spoken skills. I also recommend that students concentrate on minimizing errors in sentence construction or punctuation.”

Where are you planning to study overseas? 
“I will be heading to Imperial College in London to pursue a master’s degree in bioengineering.”

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