Follow in Their Footsteps Success Stories: Suyash Jolly
Monthly accounts of other TOEFL® test takers' journeys to success.

Follow in Their Footsteps Success Stories: Suyash Jolly

Aug 24, 2015

Suyash Jolly wanted to pursue an education in sustainable energy technology. When he realized the courses he wanted to study weren’t offered in India, he decided to study abroad. He knew that he would have to first learn English. 

Most of the universities he applied to used TOEFL® scores in the application process. In addition to opening the doors to his education, Suyash realized that learning English had a broader importance: “In the future, English will become absolutely necessary to communicate, share one's views, learn and build a good, long-term career.”

With his strong grasp of English, Suyash went on to pursue a successful overseas program in the Netherlands. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in sustainability, and wants to use his degree to help developing countries. His education has also enabled him to help his family and his local community. 

Suyash reminds today’s students that studying English is an ongoing learning process: “I still have to work every day to improve my standards of communicating and writing in English. I rely on feedback from colleagues to help improve the quality of my publications and research articles.” 

Thanks to his hard work, and his ability to communicate in a global language, Suyash has taken his education and career to new heights. We hope his story inspires you on your own journey!

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