Follow in Their Footsteps Success Stories: Hiroki Sato
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Follow in Their Footsteps Success Stories: Hiroki Sato

May 22, 2015

What better way to be inspired to start your adventure with the TOEFL® test than by those who have already done it? Meet Hiroki Sato, a pioneer practitioner of alternative physical therapies in his home country of Japan. His path to success started with a single ambition: to study athletic training in a top program at an American university. First, he would have to learn English. 

“This is what I really want to do, and if I study, I should be able to.”

Hiroki decided that, for him, the best way to develop his English skills was to go to the United States directly after high school and immerse himself in the language. He attended an English school for two months, then took and passed the TOEFL® test, so he could begin his college program. 

“I recommend studying English because you can communicate with almost everybody in the world.”

Learning English and studying abroad opened up new worlds of opportunities for Hiroki, including an internship with Major League Baseball and an athletic training position with the National Football League in the United States. Eventually, this experience brought him back to Japan, where he now has his own practice through which he helps people to live more enjoyable, healthier lives. 

Looking back, Hiroki views English as a crucial tool that helped him to realize his dreams:

“Learning English has empowered me to meet new people and get new information. I’m really, really glad I studied English and studied abroad.”

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