Find Yourself a Healthy New Study Spot
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Find Yourself a Healthy New Study Spot

Mar 8, 2016

Many students have their favorite places to study. From the local library to the kitchen table to a bedroom desk, there are plenty of indoor study spots. There may be some added benefits, however, to taking your studies outdoors. Check out this list of cities around the world with beautiful parks just waiting for you, and some reasons to surround yourself with nature while you learn.

Take a look at these cities with beautiful parks:
  • New York City – Central Park is the most famous park in Manhattan. In fact, it is almost 850 acres and 70 city blocks long! With lakes, botanical gardens and a view of the city’s spectacular skyscrapers, you will have plenty of inspiration while you study.
  • Barcelona – If you are thinking of studying in Spain, Parc Güell is an amazing combination of park and sculpture gardens. There is also Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona’s largest park, and Parc Laberint, which is a maze of hedges and pavilions.
  • London – The city has eight parks that are known as the “Royal Parks.” These include Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and St. James Park. Depending on which park you visit, you can find lakes, tree-lined promenades and even views of famous landmarks.
  • Munich – There is a laid-back feel to the parks in Munich, which may help you focus on learning. The 18th-century English Garden (Englischer Garten) offers beautiful views, and the Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden) has 54 acres of beautiful plants and flowers.
  • Chicago – More than 8% of Chicago is park land with 570 parks, which gives you plenty of places to study. One of the city’s most gorgeous green spaces is Grant Park. There are also Millennium Park and Lincoln Park, which both include a lagoon and bird sanctuary.
Below are 4 reasons to study outside:
  1. Trees make the air you take into your lungs healthier because they get rid of pollution.
  2. Scents from flowers and pine trees can lessen stress and boost relaxation.
  3. Walking through a park can help you feel happier and calmer.
  4. Spending time surrounded by nature and enjoying fresh air increases energy. 

New York, Barcelona, London, Munich and Chicago are just a few of the places you can go with the TOEFL® test. Take a look at destinations around the world with the TOEFL® Destination Search.