An Eun-joo’s Tips for TOEFL® Success by Section
Monthly accounts of other TOEFL® test takers' journeys to success.

An Eun-joo’s Tips for TOEFL® Success by Section

Nov 6, 2014

An Eun-joo, a 2012 TOEFL® Scholarship Winner, shares her tips to help you prepare for the TOEFL® test.

Reading: When studying vocabulary, I memorized at least three synonyms of words that frequently appear on TOEFL® tests along with their definitions. This helped me greatly because the multiple choices usually come up as synonyms.

Listening: Taking notes became very important in answering technical or detailed questions. Many TOEFL test preparation books have tips for taking down notes by efficiently using symbols and shortcuts.

Speaking: I strictly followed the preparation time and speaking limits so that time restraints did not become a problem during the real test.

Writing: An effective use of transitions and development of ideas is crucial. Therefore, I memorized a list of transition words that I could use when writing an essay.

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