Three Tips to Enhance Your English
A monthly grammatical guide to help you build your English skills.

Three Tips to Enhance Your English

May 22, 2018

Learning a new language can be challenging! From tenses and grammar to vocabulary and spelling, there are plenty of components to master before you become fluent. Thankfully, students and an advisor familiar with the TOEFL® test have three easy tips to help you achieve English-language proficiency.

Challenge yourself to practice English daily with these tactics!

  1. Communicate in English Everywhere
    There are opportunities to strengthen your speaking skills all around you: during your classes, with your friends, and at home. If you communicate in English, you can improve your skills.
  2. Study and Read Newspapers
    Pick up a newspaper and practice reading in English. You also can use the newspaper to learn about the culture and current events of a potential study destination.
  3. Use Practice Tests and Official Prep Materials
    Take multiple practice tests and study with official prep materials. These resources will help you become familiar with the test format so you can feel confident on test day.

Listen to the helpful advice of previous test takers and an advisor here:


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