Fuel your Brain for Test Day
Monthly insights specific to TOEFL® test day.

Fuel your Brain for Test Day

Sep 13, 2016

Wake up and go! But before you head out the door, take the time to sit down and feed your brain. Having breakfast every day is a smart idea, and TOEFL® test day is no exception. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast handle questions better in school, participate more in the classroom and get better grades. Choosing a nutritionally balanced breakfast has even been shown to boost concentration. While the experts seem to agree on the positive aspects of breakfast, what’s on your plate on test day will differ depending on where you live.

A Worldwide View of Breakfast

In the U.S., bacon, eggs and pancakes (even blueberry-filled ones) are popular breakfast choices. Wondering what other TOEFL® test takers may be eating on the morning of test day? Here’s a look at some typical breakfasts from around the globe:


A savory rice porridge called congee is a popular item. Sometimes people put ground meat or squid on top. Young people often opt for milk, fried eggs, ham and salad.


Side dishes are big, like kimchi, spicy cucumbers and spinach. Rice cakes are a good choice for test day, since they are meant to give you good luck!


Germans typically eat bread with different toppings and spreads, such as butter, marmalade, honey, cheese and sausage. Müsli, a cereal, is also popular with young people. 


Peruvian people often have bread with butter, jam, ham, cheese, avocado or olives. It’s also common for them to have oatmeal that they mix with either water or milk.


Breakfast in India depends on the region. Some dishes that may be included are dosas (thin lentil crepes), roti (flatbread) or idlis (steamed rice-dough pancakes) with chutney and dips.


Corn tortillas, eggs, beans and sauces are the typical ingredients used to make up a Mexican breakfast. Chilaquiles--fried corn tortilla chips with salsa, eggs, chicken, beans and cheese on top—are popular. 


An open-faced sandwich called a smörgås is a common breakfast choice. Butter is usually spread on the bread topped by a combination of cheese, ham, hard-boiled egg, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Plan out what you’ll have for breakfast before test day arrives. (Maybe even set out a bowl and plate, so you won’t be tempted to skip it!) To see more popular breakfast choices around the world, read this article.