Celebrate the first ever English Language Month!
A monthly grammatical guide to help you build your English skills.

Celebrate the first ever English Language Month!

Apr 4, 2018

English Language Month is inspired by the United Nations’ English Language Day. In 2010, the United Nations introduced an initiative dedicating one day to each of its six official languages. The language days recognize the importance of global communication through multilingualism and cultural diversity. English Language Day is celebrated on April 23, the birthday and death date of famed English writer William Shakespeare.

Inspired by English Language Day, we are dedicating the entire month of April to English language lovers and learners around the world.  Get the party started – here are some great ways you can join in on the celebration:

  1. Watch a movie in English
    Subtitles on or subtitles off, whichever way you practice, the decision is yours!
  2. Read a poem in English
    Some of the most famous poets wrote in English. Pick a poem and enjoy it.
  3. Vote for the TOEFL® Word of the Year
    Help us choose our Word of the Year! Pick your favorite word from our list that you feel captures the spirit of the English language learning community. Then, cast your vote, share with your friends and check back to see which word will win!
  4. Listen to music in English
    This is a great way to learn current slang and familiarize yourself with pop culture.
  5. Read the TOEFL® Blog
    Read through the Language Lessons section of our blog. Get study tips and valuable test prep advice! Share your favorite posts with friends to help them study too.
  6. Start a conversation in English
    Do you have friends who are learning English? Get a group together and challenge yourselves to have a conversation in English about current events!

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