Ana Traversa's TOEFL® Success Story
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Ana Traversa's TOEFL® Success Story

Feb 27, 2018

Is there anywhere you have always wanted to study abroad or a culture you wanted to learn about? For some students, the TOEFL® test can be a valuable tool in helping them accomplish these goals. Ana Traversa is a former TOEFL test taker who now works for ETS, the maker of the TOEFL test. She knows what it is like to pursue her dreams and even surpass them!

Ana grew up in Argentina with hardworking parents who emphasized the importance of independence and education. Eager to learn English from an early age, Ana saved her money to buy used books in English and spent her time discovering a new world through reading. At the age of 16, she earned her teaching certification and taught English for the next 10 years. Then at age 26, Ana took an opportunity to complete a 6-week exchange program at the University of Massachusetts in the United States. Her dreams of studying in an English-speaking country were coming true.

After arriving in the United States, she shared classes with students who talked about politics, history, philosophy, and science, to name a few. She also had access to a library full of thousands of books and answers to her questions at her fingertips. She quickly began to understand her classroom opened up a new and different world—one she wanted to belong to. After completing her exchange program, Ana was invited to apply to the Master's in English program at her University. She took the GRE® General Test and the TOEFL test and was accepted with a full scholarship. Her admission to the program made her the first Latin American student in the Master's in English program at the University of Massachusetts.

Years later, Ana's success after the TOEFL test brought her back to where her journey began. She now works for ETS, the creators of the TOEFL test. Ana helps students take advantage of opportunities abroad by writing the exam that helped her jumpstart her own academic career. The TOEFL test helped open doors to Ana's future and paved the way to both academic and career success.

Get inspired. Watch Ana Traversa's full journey below:


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