5 Steps to Prepare for Studying in the U.S.
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5 Steps to Prepare for Studying in the U.S.

Aug 17, 2018

Many students from around the world are studying in the United States and taking the TOEFL® test to get there. They come to broaden their horizons and develop a diverse network of peers. And most importantly, students study in the U.S. to set themselves up for success with an internationally recognized degree.

If you are looking for this opportunity, taking the most widely accepted test by U.S. universities – the TOEFL® test – is the best way to get you there. More TOEFL® scores are sent to U.S. universities than all other English-language tests combined. Why risk taking any other test?

This five-step guide from The Community for Accredited Online Schools will help you prepare for your journey abroad.

1. Research Your Options
Decide what level of education you will pursue in the U.S.; high school, undergraduate, or graduate.​

2. Understand the Cost
Identify all of the expenses and how to pay for them with scholarships and other financial aid resources.

3. Apply to a U.S. school
Get an idea of what you will need to submit, including your TOEFL® scores – the best way to qualify for U.S. programs.

4. Apply for a Student Visa
Learn about the types of visas and what is required to obtain them.

5. Prepare for Departure
Make a checklist of everything you need to do before leaving, including banking, health insurance, and other living arrangements.

Do you have questions about one or more of these steps? Read the full guide at the Community for Accredited Online Schools here.  And, learn how you can gain an advantage by taking the TOEFL® test, the test for the U.S., here.