Becoming a Global Citizen: One TOEFL® Scholarship Winner's Journey
Monthly accounts of other TOEFL® test takers' journeys to success.

Becoming a Global Citizen: One TOEFL® Scholarship Winner's Journey

Feb 29, 2016

Hyo Nam Lee, a TOEFL® Scholarship Winner from Changwon National University in South Korea, has set his sights on an important career: policy making. He feels that learning English is a required step toward his future. Lee said, “I believe it is important for students to learn English because English is spoken the most in the world.” He also pointed out that “In life, we inevitably meet many foreigners and language should not obstruct communication.” Someday, Lee hopes to visit foreign countries with more advanced public policies, such as Finland. His English skills, he believes, will help him effectively communicate during these trips abroad and help him “live as a Global citizen.”   

While his path to learning English has been challenging at times, his improved skills have already proven essential. Lee is now able to read papers by their original authors, instead of relying on Korean translations. Reading the English texts has given him a deeper understanding about the subjects he is studying. 

Lee’s advice to soon-to-be TOEFL® test takers is to “speak and write English as much as you can in daily life.” He recommends reading an English newspaper or following an English news program to help become more familiar with the language.

The world continues to become more globally focused. And with his improved English skills, Lee feels ready to take it on! 

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