TOEFL® scores are accepted for both
Australian student visas and course admissions.

For more than 45 years, Australian institutions have accepted TOEFL scores for admissions. Now, they are also accepted for all Australian student visas. So no matter where in the world you live – including China, India and Vietnam – you can take the world's most accepted, most respected English-language test both for admissions and to apply for your visa. One test, one step.

The new visa requirements apply to all student visa applications logged on or after November 5, 2011. For more information about applying for Australian visas, visit

On the visa application, where it asks you to provide a "test certificate number" for your English language proficiency test, use the Registration Number found on your TOEFL score report.

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The most widely respected. And the most convenient to take.

Only one test can be the most accepted, most respected English-language test in the world. And that's the TOEFL test. It's respected by universities, agencies and other institutions around the world. And TOEFL scores are accepted by nearly every higher education institution in Australia.

Perhaps most important, content on the TOEFL test is 100% academic, with tasks that reflect what you'll actually experience in a classroom. So you can have full confidence that the TOEFL test will prepare you for academic study abroad.

Join the millions of students who have taken the TOEFL test to reach their study abroad destination. It really is the best choice for you.

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