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8 Difficult, Yet Commonly Used, Words

Jul 12, 2016

The world of words is huge, so it’s important to narrow down the ones you want to learn. Vocabulary.com has compiled a list of the “Top 1,000” words that will give you a good place to start. These words have been chosen for a couple of key reasons. They are challenging and, according to the website, they have a good chance of appearing on standardized tests like the TOEFL® test. Here are 8 words from the list: 

  1. Minute [mahy-noot]

    Part of speech: Adjective
    Definition: Extremely small
    Used in sentence: I could not even see the minute picture at the front of the classroom.

  2. Range [reynj]

    Part of speech: Noun
    Definition: A variety of different things
    Used in sentence: She packed a range of different outfits, so she would be prepared for any kind of weather.

  3. Intend [in-tend]

    Part of speech: Verb
    Definition: To design for a particular purpose 
    Used in sentence: The book was intended to be used as a guide to the city.

  4. Evident [ev-i-duhnt]

    Part of speech: Adjective
    Definition: Clear to see or understand 
    Used in sentence: It was evident from his grade that he knew the subject very well.

  5. Project [proj-ekt]

    Part of speech: Noun
    Definition: An undertaking that is planned
    Used in sentence: The money was used to complete the end-of-year building project.

  6. Establish [ih-stab-lish]

    Part of speech: Verb
    Definition: Set up or to find 
    Used in sentence: The university was established almost 100 years ago.

  7. Conduct [kuh n-duhkt]

    Part of speech: Verb
    Definition: To direct or manage 
    Used in sentence: The scientist conducted a research study to test medicine.

  8. Concept [kon-sept]

    Part of speech: noun
    Definition: An abstract thought or idea
    Used in sentence: He has always been excited about the concept of space travel.

Want to keep practicing your vocabulary?Go to vocabulary.com and you’ll find 992 more words to add to your list!