4 Prefixes for Your Vocabulary Prep
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4 Prefixes for Your Vocabulary Prep

Aug 30, 2016

Prefixes are sets of letters that are added to the front, or beginning, of a word. Once they are added, they give the word a new meaning. By memorizing the meanings of common prefixes, you can master vocabulary words more easily. The majority of prefixed words contain one of four common prefixes. 

4 important prefixes to know

1. Dis
Meaning: opposite of
Disappear –  cease to be seen
Disenfranchise –  deprive a person of a right or privilege, such as the right to vote
Disinherit –  prevent family member from receiving property after death

2. In
Meaning: not
Inept – without skill for a certain task
Inhospitable – harsh environment; unfriendly person  
Inexact – not quite accurate

3. Re
Meaning: again
Revise – to alter or amend
Revamp – to renovate or to give a new form 
Reacquaint – to make more familiar 

4. Un
Meaning: not
Unnecessary – not necessary or essential
Unfinished – incomplete; not finished
Unidentified – not identified or recognized

Learning prefixes can give you a head start on understanding many English words. Keep the prep going with these free TOEFL® test resources